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Marshal Security Services: Messaging Policy

  1. The Internet messaging through Marshal 911 is only available for the existing clients of Marshal Security Services.

  2. Marshal Security Services will not be held responsible for any delayed, unsent messages through Marshal 911.

  3. Since the Internet works in a certain way, messages sent through Marshal 911 is not a guaranteed way to send messages.

  4. The account of a client will be immediately canceled if found to indulge in abusing our system.

  5. It is also advised to use the normal telephones to contact Marshal Security Services/police/fire department/hospitals in case of any emergencies.

  6. The client uses Marshal 911 at his own risk and Marshal Security Services is in no way held responsible for any disruption/ delay/ wrong full advice/ abuse and is not liable for any legal action by the client or any third party.

  7. All information of the sender including the IP address/e-mail ID and other information is recorded by us for security reason and such information is the property of Marshal Security Services.

  8. To use Marshal 911 messenger it required that only one person is authorized form each of the clients side to avoid repeated message.

  9. Messages sent repeatedly (more that twice in 24 hours) will be considered as an abuse on our system and such messages will be blocked with immediate cancellation of the clients account. 

  10. No third party is authorized to use our system on our clients behalf. This is again considered as an abuse on our system and we shall initiate cancellation of such features to that client.

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