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Housekeeping Services

We highly recommend in considering & hireing a reputed security agency for your housekeeping requirements. This will make sure that the housekeeping personnel are smart, well dressed, sincear, desiplined & well trained in their line of duty.

MARSHAL HOUSEKEEPING SERVICES ensure that all the personnel are selected in the same manner as we select our security personnel. We train and deploy these housekeeping personnel with full control from our control room and the field officers; as we do for any security personnel. This method ovides any situations like pilifrage, information hacking and snooping form the clients premises. Marshal understands your need for security within your housekeeping requirements.

Marshal proviedes housekeeping services in two packages:- 

Machanised Housekeeping

his services include use of state of art machinary, cleanning aids and chemicals supplyed by us. You just have to contract out your housekeeping requirements to us and we at Marshal shall take care of all your needs. Marshal will put the housekeeping personnel, meterials and use of other cleanning aids as per the requirements at the clients premises. The cost for this type of service is calculated on square foot basis and the traiff is fixed for a month. This service is suitable for medium to large organisations with a floor space greater than 3000 square feet.

Unmachanised Housekeeping

This service includes posting of housekeeping personnel on a monthly baises. The client organises and owns all the equipments to be used by the housekeeping personnel. All kind of materials and cleanning aids, toilettry are provided by the clients them self. This services is suitable for very small offices or organisations with a floor space less than 3000 square feet.



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